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Hello Everybody:

New in this forum. First of all, I want to express my admiration for your huge knowledge, your predisposition to help everybody, and your fantastic reviews and photographs.

I've loved watches since a long time, but now, with russian watches I have discover a world where I can own beautiful and interesting watches with some story behind and at reasonable prices.

And now, my first questions

I have ordered a vostok neptune. I think is a beautiful watch, but in my opinion the bracelet is the weakest point. Do you know a way to change it?

I have read somewhere that amphibia and neptune bezels are interchangeables. Can anybody confirm this? I really like to put neptune's bezel on an amphibia, because I think that amphibias would look great with this bezel

Is there any way to buy neptune bezels?

Thanks in advance
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