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Vostok's Exclusive Interview for WUS Russian Watches forum

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Dear All,

in order to clarify many important for all of us issues and stop spreading wrong information and rumors, we decided to organize an interview with the manufacturer of famous Vostok watches, Chistopol Watch Factory.

We just got an agreement of Vostok representative, Mr. Vitaly Podyachev, Director of VOSTOK INTERNATIONAL LTD., to give an exclusive interview to WUS via us, official distributors of Vostok watches in Germany.

Please, post your questions here. Depending on the number of questions and content, we will group them, if necessary, translate and communicate to Mr. Podyachev. We will translate his/their answers and, after approval, post them here. Please, be patient, as this could take some time.

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I bought a Ministry Amphibia not 2 months ago from Zenitar.
I'm sorry, but after this

Does Vostok produce the watches „Troika"? No.
Is it true that Vostok is in difficult financial situation? Yes, and the reason is the non-payment by russian consumers.
What is more advantageous for Vostok as a company, the drain abroad of the watches manufactured for the domestic market or direct deliveries abroad? Direct deliveries.

do you still think it is wise to support Vostok in such a way?
Yes, and I'll tell you why.
OK, may be you are right, but what about the Troyka watches?
They are legit?
1 - 2 of 77 Posts
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