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Very interesting, and thanks so much for doing this!

I find this very interesting also, it is the question I posted and the response:

"If Vostok needs help, how the collectors and fans of your watches worldwide would be able to help? We would appreciate to receive the recommendations and suggestions of how to improve the design of the watches."

I guess it isn't the response I thought we would get! I assumed it would be something like "buy more Vostok watches".

But now I am wondering, how would/could we actually go about providing "recommendations and suggestions of how to improve the design of the watches"? :think:
Dear, Sodiac!
The situation would be much simpler, if the whole problem were only in the field of economy and marketing, but unfortunately it's not like that. :think:

Rumors are floating that the bankruptcy of Vostok is not as clear as it was presented. The debt for amount of 45 million rubles is not a too big one. For example the debt liabilities of the car produser AutoVAZ (the brand Lada), are 44 milliard / billion (US) rubles including bond loan.

When Vostok is under the threat of full stopping of production and discharge of all the employees, having no funds (there are some accounts of 101 thousand rubles, €693 and $187 plus some of them are under arrest) we can't talk about improving of design.:-(

We must wait for August 31 and hope that the situation will be a lesser of two evils. As for all of us the only right recommendation is buying new Vostok watches. This is the only thing we can do to help Vostok guys pay off the debt.:roll:

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I'm sorry, but after this

Does Vostok produce the watches „Troika"? No.
Is it true that Vostok is in difficult financial situation? Yes, and the reason is the non-payment by russian consumers.
What is more advantageous for Vostok as a company, the drain abroad of the watches manufactured for the domestic market or direct deliveries abroad? Direct deliveries.

do you still think it is wise to support Vostok in such a way?
Dear, RusUhr and other colleagues!

I'd like you to look at my previous post a little above and to read about the issues on Russian market Vostok and other Russian watchmakers face which I described in my thread "New information from Tchistopol."

With all my due respect, you shouldn't simplify the situation.

I'm Russian. I live in Russia. I have some understanding about running business here. And I have read all that I was able to find about those Vostok issues. And that's what I say: the situation with Vostok will be clearifed only after August 31.

There may be some power which is seeking to shut down Vostok.
Try to analyze those facts:
1) About new Заказ МО
The management of Vostok had made reconstruction and re-equipment, gotten credits from banks. The management of Vostok won the tender from the Ministry of Defence. The New Commanders` watches were ready for a Заказ МО. But the Ministry of Defence itself didn`t seem to purchase those watches. The Заказ МО is apparently cancelled. Vostok was prosecuted for arrears and had to pay off its debts. Fortunately, it managed to do that.

By the way MakTime also was supposed to make watches based on the new automatic 30644 chronograph caliber for the officers of the Ministry of Defence.

2) The management of Vostok was building a multistorey building for its employees but the building was temporarily stopped for want of money. The flats in that building were supposed to go only to the Vostok employees but some other people having no relation to Vostok turn out to be listed as claimant to some of the flats and those people, not the Vostok employees, brought an action against Vostok with a request to freeze the accounts of Vostok. Of course, Vostok can't finish building that house if its accounts are under arrest and to continue its work the management of Vostok has to initiate the procedure of bankruptcy and to agree on external administration.
That request appeared right after Vostok paid off its arrears. (Two actions on end!)

Why did those people want the action which contradicts their interests? :think:
A possible answer may be: their real goal is to make the management of Vostok do the things which have been done.

3) Retirement of Tsivilina the same time also seems to be strange.

So we can see only what we have been given. The other part of the Iceberg is covered under water.:-(

But for all of us everything is simple: we can do nothing to help Vostok but to purchase new watches.
Why do that? Because most of us are real enthusiasts. And it`s illogical. :)
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