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Hi all new here so not sure if I'm even posting in the correct section. With an oyster bracelet I have on a watch is it normal to be able to bend the links backwards with them catching slightly? [assume the centre links rub] I assume this is just due to tight tolerances. I'll try and show below on my photos so it makes more sense. I don't really wear bracelets up to this point but this is super comfy this one. The picture below shows what I mean just slightly resistance to do it. View attachment 16035256
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Wrong kingdoms. He's Antb21 as in insectivore, you're talking Mammalia....

I believe insectivores are part of Kingdom Animalia however ants are in Phylum Arthropoda whereas horses and hamsters are in Phylum Mammalia
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There's Kingdom Plantae, never heard of - or it referred to as - Kingdom Vegetablie (outside of vegan-speak). And yes there are plants that do eat insects but I think in general, when one speaks of insectivores one thinks of small mammals primarily. And a plant like the venus flytrap is an insectivore it can also be considered a carnivore.
馃ぃ馃憤 I was waiting for someone who actually knew the proper classifications correct me.
Though I'm an arts graduate and never been in a lab since I was 18, I couldn't be bothered to use Google either to find out the proper linnaean taxonomy... so I guessed... wrongly as it turned out...
Stating you were an Arts grad 'splains it all :LOL: (y)
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Technically, Regnum Vegetabile, per Linnaeus
A lot has been refined...and discovered since 'ol Linny was about.
You may have watched Little Shop of Horrors one too many times. ;)
I have and enjoy it every time. That notwithstanding, a venus flytrap is indeed considered to be a carnivore
1 - 5 of 28 Posts
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