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I was recently given a Wakmann Pocket watch. It was in a leather holder that was placed on your belt for easy viewing. It runs fine and it appears to be keeping time. I unscrewed the back and it appears, I think just like the day it was made.

Here are some of the details:
It has the "Wakmann" name below the 12, in the center of the watch, it has "17 jewels, shockprotected", one word, then a second hand dial where the 6 would usually be. On the outer circumfrence it has the numbers "1 through 60", on the very botton below the second hand it states "France".
The back of the case has a locomoive that appears fairly modern.
Here are the details for the inside of the watch:
When I unscrewed the back it states Wakmann Watch CoInc, France. On the movement side it states again Wakmann Watch Co Inc., 17, seventeen jewel, unadjusted, France. Underneath the springs, I can see some logo, maybe "AP" and a large "4" and mabe a 1. Anyway, can anyone give me some history on this pocket watch?

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