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Edit: headline should read:
Waltham 1877 KW export Farringdon F

Wm Ellery in good condition.
On dial printed Farringdon F REG'd.
Case silver Waltham Watch Co, UK Alfred Bedford (A dot B) (registered aprx. 1890) #593
Movement standard Wm Ellery without Farringdon engraved.
The movement number 2271712 dates it to a run
1 DEC 1883 to 30 JUN 1884.

Am aware of the following registered 1877 Farringdons:
1 JUN 1884 to 28 FEB 1885 (Farringdon D)
1 DEC 1885 to 28 FEB 1886 Wm Ellery (Farringdon)
1 NOV 1885 to 30 APR 1886 Home (Farringdon H (C?))
1 MAR 1886 to 31 JUL 1886 Wm Ellery (Farringdon & Co)
1 JAN 1886 to 31 MAR 1886 Home (Farringdon D & Co)
1 APR 1886 to 31 AUG 1886 Wm Ellery (Farringdon J & Co)
1 APR 1886 to 30 JUN 1886 Home (Farringdon D)
1 MAY 1886 to 31 AUG 1886 Home (Farringdon D & Co)

Before attempting a stupid dunno update of the waltham database on the internet, I would like to ask the experts if this watch could be a redial/recase because:
1) No Farringdon engraving on movement.
2) Hands blued, my understanding is that hands was golden on english export watches.
3) The movement at least 6 years older than case.

Anyway the watch is running with at strong amplitude, and winding and setting time with the key is ever so smooth.
Some snapshots:

dial3.jpg dialzoom.jpg movement3.jpg cover3.jpg

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You have made some very good observations, and your points 1 and 2 could be true. However please verify the case age, it looks like a Birmingham mark but I can't read the date letter. It does not look like gothic q for 1890, could it be gothic k for 1884?

The first S/N registered as a 1877 Farringdon in the DB is 2542001. But this does not automatically mean there were none earlier. Only considerable size runs were registered in the serial number lists with customer (in this case Farringdon) reference, smaller private label runs were not. I suggest searching for other Farringdon labeled watches from the same run (2271001 - 2272000) as evidence before uploading database change information.

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Thank you for guiding me in the right direction regarding the watch case, Erik_H.
The date letter is gothic-style K.

Now it make sense:
Alfred Bedford

I guess it is a prototype or pre-run.
The double sunk dial is a little over the top for a Wm Ellery in my opinion.

Gaining 6 secs the first 12 hours dial up, and pwr reserve 22 hrs.
Will replace the mainspring when cleaning an oiling.


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