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Want to buy this ref.3520.50.00

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I need your help on this triple date! Found a good deal and want to know if everything seems ok with the watch, at least based on the pictures!
What are the chances that it is not the real deal?
Thanks in advance for your help!
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How good of a deal? Where did you find it (a site that sells high end items or a place that normally sells used tires and cheap collectibles). Are the cards there? Do the numbers match. What, if anything, do you know about the seller? Does the seller look like he "belongs" to the watch? If he/she has other items for same, are they all higher end things or cheap junk?

So many questions, but nothing jumps out on those pictures.
Thanks for your reply! It is pretty good i would say. Just under 1700$. It is advertised on “Swedish ebay”, or our version of ebay! So it is pretty big and there are a ton of watches advertised there as well. The seller sells a couple of more watches at the moment, two Longines and a Tissot all vintage. and has like 98% positive reviews but all as buyer.
It seems a bit too cheap. Is the seller close enough for a face to face sale in a jeweler that sells Omega. Can you see what his past sales were if he has been on the site for awhile?
The seller is located in Poland and i’m in Sweden so we can’t meet. On this platform he has just bought things, mostly antique stuff.
I'd be a bit careful. Is that a site that many foreigners are on? I take it that there are no escrow services on the site.

If you like, you can link to the posting - maybe that will give us more information
Sure here it is:

I’ve been in contact with the website’s customer services and there is nothing wrong with the seller even though he is placed in another EU country and the ad is in Polish!

There is a payment service that the website offers and guarantees reimbursement in case you won’t get the watch or if there is something wrong with it etc. it costs a little extra but is the safe way to go!

Been in contact with the seller too before posting my question here and he is quick to response. He sent me some of the pictures i’ve posted here actually.
Thanks. I see a few things that would make me pause - or ask more questions.

The Longines has a photo of the movement, but the Omega does not.

More disturbingly, the other watches are priced right around the average prices on eBay, but the Omega is about 25% less. Why? Does it need a service? Is there some sort of issue with the watch?
Apparently it’s because of the bracelet missing. Bracelet itself costs at least $600 on ebay based on my searching. It’s been serviced for exactly 4 years ago and works without any problems. The other thing that pushes the price down is that the guy doesn’t have any receipts. It just comes with the wooden box and a booklet. He bought the watch several years back here in Sweden via the same platform.
1 - 6 of 10 Posts
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