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Hello awesome members,

I am currently looking for my first watch (for those patient enough, the thread is here).

My choice is now narrower, including IWC, Zenith, and potentially Omega+TAG.

I called yesterday one shop and grilled the guy for a while discussing prices. Eventually somewhere past his comfortable 8-9% mark, the fellow snapped and started blabbering about how "parallel market" sales do not sell "factory-fresh" items (as if we are discussing tomatoes), how their warranty will not "fly" in Switzerland and local ADs will not service the watch, if warranty card does not have a seal from a flagship store, how I may have to send my watch to Amazon for servicing in 3-5 years and so on, and so on... Not to bore you further with his rant, my questions are:

1) When buying from abroad (in my case likely from the US), how do I know what warranty I get? I will be calling some FADs, not just any random shops but wish to have the comfort of knowing the papers are in order. So how does that work? Is warranty truly international? Will a Zenith/IWC purchased in the US be recognized as one-of-their-own and serviced if need be?

2) Also, when snooping for NOS watches - how does warranty work there? Is there warranty at all on NOS items? Is it international or just store-based?

3) Is my understanding correct, that all watches past year 2000 of above brands are not potatoes or tomatoes requiring factory-fresh delivery for immediate consumption, sorry - wearing and use, and that even if I find a 2005 NOS, I can enjoy it?

Thank you all for your feedback!
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