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Watch Demagnetizers $29 shipped anywhere via registered airmail.

%100 new and unused!

Automatic watches can easily become magnetized by coming in contact with large magnets like the ones found in Guitar amps, older TV, speakers, etc...the watch will run very fast as a result. Watches can also be magnetized to smaller degrees, which will adversely affect the accuracy, even by seconds a day.

Watchmaking tools can also become demagnetized, and harm your watch as you use them. The demagnetizer is a good way to ensure that your tools are safe before use.

You can easily demagnetize your watch/tools using this demagnetizer.... The price is only $29 shipped anywhere via registered airmail.

***Also good for demagnetizing tools before working on watches!******INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED.

Here's a link to a little review post that Jack Wong made back in SEPT. when they were last available...


Payment by paypal please, and please email at [email protected] first for availability and I will give you the paypal address. The price includes registered airmail shipping with a tracking number sent to you withing approximately 24 hours of receipt of payment.


Jake B
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