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Riding a bike, I'm thinking about a wide leather band kinda like this:

and wondering what watch would go with it. Maybe a Wenger?

Watch needs to be seen clearly in dark bar environments. :) Must be affordable. Recommendations on watch and/or band appreciated.

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Those straps are generally called "bund" straps.
Here's a short post on the Military Watch Resource forum talking about the bund history: The Bund Strap - The Military Watch Resource - Community Fora

So yes, generally military and pilot's watches are housed on Bunds.

If you want particular watch recs, you need to tell us whether you want automatic or quartz and your budget. "Affordable" means lots of different things to different people. (I would

Also, I would think the bund strap wouldn't be all that great for bike riding, as I'd expect that the strap would get awfully sweaty, if it's at all warm. But maybe not.

Some samples:

Wristcuff Bund Style Leather Watchstrap Handmade in England

One the "ultra affordable" side, just about any Timex Expedition would look just fine on a bund, and most have Indiglo to make them bar-readable:
Timex Men's T49874 Expedition Military Field Brown Dial Brown Leather Strap Watch: Watches: Timex Timex Expedition Rugged Field Watch: Timex: Watches
Timex Men's T44921 Expedition Metal Field Black Dial Brown Leather Strap Watch: Watches:
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