This new Christopher Ward C65 GMT WorldTimer is fresh out of the box this past Friday. It's capable of tracking 24 time zones simultaneously or you can keep a watchful eye on three time zones at a glance by using the worldtimer marker.

Christopher Ward is a British brand that specializes in making affordable watches, whether with quartz or mechanical movements. It's hard to imagine now, but in 2004, when CW first began making affordable watches to the same standards as Swiss watches costing considerably more, the whole 'cut out the middleman' idea was brand new in the field of wristwear. Nowadays, every man and his watchmaking dog is at it with varying degrees of success. Nonetheless, Christopher Ward has managed to stay ahead of the pack with the appeal of not just its pricing but its attention to detail.

Ironically, CW is launching the C65 WorldTimer travelers watch at a time when most of the world is grounded and ordered to stay indoors. For now, traveling is limited to your local grocery store. Hopefully, when the world gets back to what we used to regard as normal (and with Greta Thunberg's reluctant permission) people will be able to travel once again because that's the real purpose of this tool watch. That said, if you're keeping tabs on friends and family in other spots around the globe, a worldtimer still has its share of practical use.

The new model comes with three firsts for the brand in a single package. It's the first watch CW has combined GMT with a WorldTimer complication. It's the first time the worldtimer feature has been introduced to the C65 Trident collection. And it's the first time the C65 Trident has been seen with the new striking black and yellow color scheme.

The 41mm watch is powered by a Swiss-made Sellita SW330 movement with a 42-hour power reserve. The bi-directional WorldTimer bezel is made from 316L stainless steel and is printed with 24 separate international cities. The fourth GMT hand, in unmissable yellow, can be set to track a different time zone easily read against a 24-hour ring at the edge of the dial.

When you align your own location with your current correct time zone you can automatically track other time zones around the world as well. It's still a useful complication even if you can't travel. Some of the cities shown feature an additional horizontal line next to them on the right. This is used to show which cities have summer-time and adjust their time accordingly.

Water-resistant to 150 meters, in keeping with other models in the C65 Trident collection, the design of the WorldTimer takes on the guise of the brand's retro dive watch series, echoing the sleek elan of a 60s-era diver complete with a vintage-inspired glass box crystal. The watch has a screw-down crown, an added security feature for divers, and a date window at 3 o'clock. The screw-in caseback features the CW Trident in all black to complement the outer bezel, according to Christopher Ward CEO Mike France. There is a choice of a stainless-steel bracelet or two straps in leather or what's known as hybrid rubber.

Being British, prices for this watch are in pounds sterling, but sterling has taken such a thorough thrashing thanks to the coronavirus that there is presently little difference between the pound and the dollar. £995 for the hybrid and leather, £1,095 for the bracelet.

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