Someone must have thought it was a good idea to gild the lily at G-Shock and produce a special 25th-anniversary edition of the 6900 in high shine gold-covered metal. The 6900 series is not a luxury series, but it does stand out from other G-Shock models because it features a rounded dial instead of the squared design of the ever-popular DW-5000 series.

The 6900 series immediately proved popular with collectors when first it was introduced in 1995 partly because it features the "Triple Graph" graphic. They are the 3 ventilator-style subdials above the digital readout. These circular graphics work in tandem to give a cool addition to the LCD face, and at the same time add features such as a stopwatch and a seconds display. It's a series that has also been linked to several highly collectible limited-edition collaborations with famous streetwear brands.

The 6900 has always remained a bestseller. G-Shock puts the enduring appeal of the design down to the crafty layering of the dial on top of the Liquid Crystal Display which gives the 6900 series far more design opportunities than a mere all-LCD face. Decorative touches such as coating, printing, and surface finish allow for a rich variety of models.

For the new collection, gold is but one of the colors available. There are actually three new GM-6900 metal models on offer. For the first time, they feature a stainless steel bezel. Not many people know this but the 6900 goes through a shaping process involving no less than 20 forging stages and several cutting and polishing steps. Ok, it's not A. Lange & Söhne quality, but at US$230, neither is the price. As for G-Shock's legendary toughness, the watches are made from a glass fiber reinforced resin case. They may look a bit blingy, but they are built to take the knocks.

There are two models with black bands and metaled bezels, one in silver, the other in gold. There is also a third choice in pinkish red with a translucent black bezel. The whole idea with these models is to achieve maximum stand out. Unashamedly bold, they reveal a high shine mirror and matte hairline finishes to add to the bold bezel shape. It is a unique design that brings out the distinctive beauty of metal.

For me, high polished bling metal rather goes against everything G-Shock is supposed to stand for, which is oodles of utilitarian toughness and practicality. But then in recent years, G-Shock has also ventured increasingly into high-end watches with the MR-G series, (adult G-Shock), labeled as luxury models. It's about as incongruous as Salvatore Ferragamo developing a low budget line of shoes for Walmart, but for G-Shock it has worked.

Also, as part of the 25th anniversary of the 6900 series, Casio has released two special DW-6900SP models made from translucent material and featuring a design inspired by the number 25. The face features color gradation that changes depending on the angle of the light. The screens of each of the three indicators from left to right are blue, green and pink. In the background, there is a monogram to commemorate the 25th anniversary.

The 25 th Anniversary 6900 metal series will sell from US$180 to US$230, while the translucent series in black or white sell for US$120.

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