Buying and selling luxury watches online is a whole lot more stressful and expensive than it needs to be. Sellers often have to pay outlandish listing fees to be on reputable platforms, which only serves to drive up costs. Buyers have to make educated guesses on if the listed watch is actually real or in the condition the seller says it is. Add to this that most watch selling sites feel overly sanitized and don’t welcome comments and input from buyers, sellers, and browsers.

A group of watch enthusiasts with years of experience in the luxury watch market decided it doesn’t have to be that way. They put their heads together and came up with an innovative solution called for peer-to-peer luxury watch auctions.

What Makes Different?

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While there are no shortage of places to buy and sell watches online, Watch Paddle cuts down the risk for the buyers and the expense for the sellers… all while creating an environment that encourages communication and knowledge sharing.

To be a seller on means you and your watch have to be vetted by the team. Sellers have to provide the known history of the watch, along with detailed photos. Once Watch Paddle accepts your listing, sellers pay a $99 listing fee and receive an insured shipping label so they can send the watch in for verification. After Watch Paddle experts inspect and verify the watch, the listing officially opens on the site and the auction begins.

The listed watch remains at the Watch Paddle facility until the auction ends. Once Watch Paddle receives payment from the winning bidder (the buyer pays a 5% buyer premium), Watch Paddle ships the watch to the winner (overnight, insured shipping!) and sends the payment to the buyer.

Buyers no longer have to worry if or when the watch they paid for will arrive. They know exactly what the watch looks like and that the Watch Paddle team has thoroughly inspected it to insure it is in the condition promised by the seller. Sellers don’t have to worry about buyers backing out of a sale or making false claims about the watch, as the Watch Paddle team has vetted everything beforehand.

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Sellers also have some options when it comes to reserves. You can choose a no-reserve auction or a reserve auction. Watch Paddle will not disclose reserves.

Another notable feature of Watch Paddle auctions is that members can comment on auctions or ask questions that can be answered by the seller or other knowledgeable members. Having the comments open so people can share their knowledge helps create an atmosphere of open and honest communication.

In addition to watches, you can also buy leather straps and other watch accessories on the site.

As a special gift to readers, Watch Paddle is offering free listing fees through March 30, 2023 when you use the code WUSPADDLE.

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