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During my recent vacation to Switzerland I took a number of photos of watch shops.

These shops, IMO, are primarily designed for tourists. The local Swiss that I met and saw at stores wore modest watches. Smart watches were popular with many Swiss.

IMG_2553.JPG IMG_2554.JPG IMG_2557.JPG
IMG_2547.JPG IMG_2560.JPG IMG_2710.JPG IMG_2715.JPG IMG_2716.JPG IMG_2713.JPG

I visited Zurich, Lucerne, Bellinzona, Lugano, Zug and Locarno.

Photos were only allowed outside the watch shops. I had to delete photos on my iPhone when caught. The luxury watch shops are very secure.

Switzerland was a wonderful experience. Highly recommend for WIS/WUS. However, don't expect any discounts. The liquidation store photo was interesting.
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