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Watches and Wonders 2023 - What are your predictions / hopes?

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With the event around the corner (which I now get nerdily excited about), I'm curious to know what everyone is hoping for. Or, if you have a prediction, feel free to share!

For me, I'm really hoping for a 44mm Bronzo

And hoping that IWC goes back to the baton style hands with a revival of the Tribute to Mark

But, I'm a realist and Panerai will probably announce e-straps with a horrible logo on the strap and IWC will just show some crazy over the top movement that Tom Cruise will wear in the space movie on the ISS.

What about you guys? Share some photos when applicable (ie: revival of X watch)
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I'd like to see some slimmer Tudor cases, a broader spread of T-Fit clasp across the range would be good.
I'd also like to see the Speedy Reduced looking more like the full-size models - I can't stand the bezel insert on the reduced...
Predictions -
White dial Explorer 1
Anniversary Sub/Daytona models
Updated Tudor BB32/36/39/41 s/s models with the in-house movement and T-fit clasp, same as the S&G versions
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