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Watches and Wonders 2023 - What are your predictions / hopes?

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With the event around the corner (which I now get nerdily excited about), I'm curious to know what everyone is hoping for. Or, if you have a prediction, feel free to share!

For me, I'm really hoping for a 44mm Bronzo

And hoping that IWC goes back to the baton style hands with a revival of the Tribute to Mark

But, I'm a realist and Panerai will probably announce e-straps with a horrible logo on the strap and IWC will just show some crazy over the top movement that Tom Cruise will wear in the space movie on the ISS.

What about you guys? Share some photos when applicable (ie: revival of X watch)
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-Omega doesnt do W&W but usually announce their own stuff right before the event (like last year). But it's all gonna be plastic watches and gold tone or precious metal. Nothing worth buying as usual.
-Tudor was the silent killer last year with all the big guns...if they come out with a polar gmt or white Ranger, I'll be all over it
-Tag/Breitling/Panerai are all going downhill with cheapening of movements or dials (eta or selitta movements). Panerai has new 40mm Radiomir models but killed the WR to 30m.
-Rolex will continue doing green dial trend and precious metals and probably new colored bezels for sub/gmt.
-Longines was close to Tudor last year so I expect some nice cool stuff again this year.
- And on the other side of the spectrum, Casio has new motto "making fruity colors great again".
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Maybe they will make a rectangular men’s watch called “the girl friend” to mirror the boy friend. They do make some cool ones but a few are way pricy. That monsieur is not cheap.
Sure, they can produce a legit watch, but they are a fashion brand ranging from fragrance, handbags, shoes, clothing, sunglasses ect. I might be wrong here but do any others on that list do that? Would be my last choice when it comes to a timepiece at that price point.
Ralph Lauren watches are legit. They are made, or mostly made, by Piaget.
Hermes is beyond legit. Their watches are really unique and high quality.
Tiffany has had some legit pieces.
Ok, this will never happen, but I want more collaborations. Louis Erard seems to be the only one doing them. They did one with Alain Silberstein and Vianney Halter. Could anyone else step it up and try something new and exciting? I would love a FPJourne design by Tutor. They have a connection through Chanel and kenissi.
Or Omega make a design by Kari Voutilainin or someone. Get the big boys to bring some cool designs to the rest of us. I would love to see that. They would sell out too.
A dark tan or burgundy Pelagos 39 would be nice.
I'd want B01 with silicon hairspring. They already had it in rare limited editions and in Tudor BB, but I'd like it as next mainstream version.
A smaller Tissot PRX. The watch is amazing. It's just difficult to wear with the first end links measuring around 52mm. Other than that, awesome piece with amazing variety of color.
This already exists in 35 mm (the same dimensions as the original vintage PRX), but so far it’s only offered in quartz.
There’s a new Genta style IWC Ingenieur coming with the caliber 32111
6 days to go....Let's go Tudor. Apparently they're setting up a booth that will sell their new releases right away. Hopefully the ADs will get them quick as well.
Tudor came out guns blazing last year so I don't expect anything less this year !

Really stepping up their game by having 2023 models ready for purchase on day one ! Of course, the bigger brother will be on the other side of the stick making everything available in 2024 with massive fake waitlists while grey market will be flooded with '23 releases....for 40% more of retail pricing.
Blue or Green Pelagos 39! Still no teaser tho..Usually within a week or so they put something up...5 days now
Blue or Green Pelagos 39! Still no teaser tho..Usually within a week or so they put something up...5 days now
They're building the hype, FOMO and freak-out count. By the time they start teasing on Insta, you'll be beside yourself - right where they want you ;).
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They're building the hype, FOMO and freak-out count. By the time they start teasing on Insta, you'll be beside yourself - right where they want you ;).
Hey nice to put our efforts into this forum instead of the boring Seiko one eh? They've been shi t ting the bed lately 😅
From Tudor: I’d like a 39mm diver-ish watch with a Pepsi-bezel, a black dial, applied indices, and steel hands—could be a BB Pro GMT, could be BB58 non-GMT—I don’t really care, so long as it isn’t a Pelagos. I just really like the colorway and size combo.
Grand Seiko Spring Drive Zaratsu Tourbillon Diver inspired by a forest on a mythical mountain at midnight
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Does anyone think Tudor will bring a quartz model?
Hoping for more titanium versions of classic stainless steel watches. I like light weight watches.
things I’d love to see in a perfect world:

A Tudor P39 in blue (specifically the shade of blue on the FXD)
A Tudor Sub revival (lollipop hands/39-40mm steel case/etc)
A non-limited Blancpain Fifty Fathoms in a 40-42mm case under $10k (or make the indices on the Bathyscaphe larger)
A new IWC Aquatimer
More color variations of the Tag Heuer Solargraph
A 40-42mm non-limited Grand Seiko diver (spring drive or quartz and NO POWER RESERVE on the front)
A solid gold/black dial Explorer 1
A solid gold/black dial BB58
A titanium Daytona
For years, I have been hoping for a REAL Tudor Submariner to grace our presence. We've come close, but not quite there. So, once again, I'm hoping for a Tudor Submariner.....40 or bezel with triangle on the 12..... titanium AND a return to the notched bezel instead of the coin ridged bezel. I don't think that's asking a lot. 🤣
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