This will come as no surprise. First impressions count, and in this regard, the female of the species can be infuriatingly fickle and unpredictable in what they regard as making the right impression.

For men, this often makes dressing for that all important first date difficult and disaster prone. But what is surprising is the watches women prefer to see a man wear on a first date.

According to a recent survey conducted by top online watch retailer Montredo , watches you might consider racing certainties to impress, such as a top of the line Rolex or a Steve McQueen king of cool classic, actually trail in way behind the more minimalist offerings from the more sedate school of form follows function.

Another long-held male belief has also crashed and burnt; for failing to cut much ice in the survey were macho pilots chronographs from the likes of Breitling.

You’d think to wear a white shirt with epaulets and sporting a chunky chronograph on your tanned wrist you’d be irresistible, but no, your unerring ability to read a circular slide rule does not apparently navigate your way to a woman’s heart.

Alas, we have to conclude that women are more impressed with watches that are clean, sensible, simple and easy to read. And maybe that's a sign of the way they like their men.

Here, for your own dating decision making, are the top 3 and bottom 3 watches that women most like and most dislike to see on the wrist of their date. We present them in reverse order.



In third place is the Junghans Max Bill. Almost three-quarters of respondents (74%) rank the Bauhaus design of the Max Bill high in their selection. The Junghans Max Bill Automatic has a versatile look that can be easily integrated with different styles from your wardrobe. Four out of five female respondents would regard seeing the watch on the wrist of their dates highly favorable. At the same time, the Max Bill encounters virtually no rejection: only 1.3% would “never” like to see the watch on the wrist of their dates. Yes, that cool, clean Swiss railway clock look (Max Bill designed the clocks for the Swiss railways), makes you appear like a master of reliable precision and punctuality.


The Longines Heritage Chronograph scored second highest in the poll. The clean tri-compax appearance of this Swiss Chronograph was favored by 77% of female subjects consulted. They also stated the watch would make a positive impression on a date. It’s true Longines has done an excellent job in translating retro moods and lines to modern watches in their current line-up. The curved lettering and the sword hands are reminiscent of vintage timepieces from Longines models of old. The off-white, cream color dial completes the leisure vintage look and it appears the ladies lap it up.


German cool rules, and no wonder our own Senior Editor Bhanu Chopra is such a hit with females and a fan of Glashütte watchmaking. The big winner of the poll is the NOMOS Tangente. NOMOS champions the Bauhaus aesthetics, which stipulates form follows function. With a case height of only 7.2mm, the Tangente is a slender watch that will sit comfortably on your wrist. Approximately 85% of the respondents liked the design of the Tangente. The participants reported seeing the watch on the wrist of their date would make a favorable impression.  83% would actually like to see their partner wearing this watch. NOMOS Glashütte prides itself in its perfectly executed minimalist designs and its unconventional brand presentation, and gentlemen, maybe you should too.



It’s a travesty, Gerald Genta would be turning in his grave! The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, with its famous octagonal shape, lands in the bottom quarter of the poll. Scoring just 31% equally for design and date-worthiness, the Gerald Genta concept said to have been designed overnight and which has defined the sports luxury watch for decades, is no guarantee of any overnight sensations where ladies are concerned.


Born on the polo fields of British India and long considered the epitome of elegant watch wear for the style savvy gentleman, surprisingly this timeless classic has been largely ‘chukka’d’ out according to the poll. The Reverso, with its distinctive design, most certainly stands out from the crowd, however, in this survey that proves to be more of a curse than a blessing. Just under a quarter of respondents (24%) felt attracted to the design and a ‘meh’ 15% approved it as a suitable date watch. Not the watch to wear then if you are looking for a ‘Reverso’ in your dating luck.


Steve McQueen, the King of Cool made this watch legendary, and while he regularly topped polls for being the world’s sexiest man, it seems his choice in watches is not ‘number one with a Bullitt' with the women of today. The poor performance of the TAG Heuer Monaco Calibre 11, rock bottom in the poll, marks another downfall of a much-loved male watch icon.

The Monaco in this specific survey reveals that what men hold most macho and dear does little for the ladies. Like it or not, positive impressions on a date are based purely on aesthetic sensibilities in the here and now. The edges and eye-catching design traits of Monaco seem overwhelming at first glance. It may even fall into the category of acquired tastes. It's almost too much to take in.