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Many times, people will wonder what type their watch is and perhaps how much it is worth. While the forum can sometimes help, there are ways you can help yourself as well. Be aware that the best information can be found once you remove the back and get the movement number and serial number off the movement. Here is a listing that I have found valuable:

  1. Email Zenith with the serial number.
  2. Search for completed auctions at eBay. Be sure to look at other countries than where you live.
  3. Go to this web site if you know what your movement looks like. The Zenith movements are, oddly enough, at the bottom. ;-)
  4. Go to this web site if you cannot necessarily see your movement. Their pictures are fantastic, even if you cannot find your watch in them! Please note that this is not an endorsement of the site. I offer it only as a resource.
  5. Ask the forum if all else fails.
I hope this has proven helpful!!


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