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I had a nice email from Ron last night about the book and he made the following comment, which made me laugh; “You remind me of Orson Welles creating Citizen Kane all too soon in his career LOFL! Nowhere to go but down hill now my man =)”. However, it was another comment about the Doxa SUBs he made which made me think. “I have come to the realization none of us really "own" them but are merely caretakers for the next generation.” The more I thought about it, the more I realized how correct he was.

I have several vintage Doxa SUBs, including the rare 300T Conquistador with the Helium Release Valve. It is almost 40 years old, was serviced 10 months ago and is running like a …erm…clock :). I have also restored and refinished the case and bezel and cleaned the dial and it looks pretty darn good for its age. Assuming I never sell it, my young fella, Kieran, will carry it forward in time and then maybe his son, if he ever has one, will own it. One way or another if it is looked after, within a few generations, it will be 100 years old. We have all seen pocket watches on the bay which are around 100 years old and they are still beating and looking good. Why not any of our vintage or modern SUBs?

Many people think that the “limited editions” of the SUBs are not limited at all because they are in the range of 1000 to 5000 watches, but in reality if you look at the numbers of 300T reissues, 600Ts and even 750Ts produced, they are pretty rare when compared to say; Breitling Superoceans, Omega Seamasters or Rolex Submariners. Like anything in life, there will be a wastage rate which means that even less will survive to old age. The fact that they don’t use inhouse movements actually ensures that they will be serviceable and repairable for many, many years into the future. Ultimately it will be possible to even “heart transplant” a new movement into them which may not even be an ETA and keep them running for the next generation.

So Ron was right. Whether we pass our Doxa SUBs on to our children or sell them after a few years use, we really are merely caretakers of them for the next generation of wearers. I guess Patek Philippe got their advertising spot on …….

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