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wearing multiple watches

  • I wear only 1 watch in public

    Votes: 337 73.6%
  • I wear a watch on each wrist in public

    Votes: 24 5.2%
  • I've considered wearing 2 or more watches in public

    Votes: 29 6.3%
  • I wear only 1 watch in private

    Votes: 143 31.2%
  • I wear 2 or more watches in private

    Votes: 32 7.0%
  • I've considered wearing 2 or more watches in private

    Votes: 23 5.0%
  • I smile when I see people wear 2 watches in public.

    Votes: 54 11.8%
  • I've tried wearing 2 or more watches in public/private, but it wasn't for me

    Votes: 7 1.5%
  • I do/would like to wear watches on my ankles. I need professional help

    Votes: 8 1.7%
  • I wish I had more arms so I can wear more watches. I need professional help.

    Votes: 21 4.6%
  • I need professional help, and it has nothing to do with watches.

    Votes: 69 15.1%
  • I am clicking this box because the option exists.

    Votes: 147 32.1%
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I always wear 2 watches (one on each wrist) when I'm travelling far from home like now: one for local time and one for hometime.
I prefer not to wear any of my GMTs because of thefts (easy in some areas where I use to travel).
Also, at home, sometimes I use to wear 2 watches after having synchronized them for checking their accuracy when one or both of them comes back from maintenance.
Normally I wear only one watch per day (sometimes different day by day).
Do I am insane? :-s

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Yes, you are insane. Join the club.

Regarding the GMT thing, I've thought about buying a mid price GMT just for travelling, although I have not done it yet. The good thing, at least I hope, about thieves is that there are so man inexpensive watches that look expensive, which hopefully means muggers no longer automatically associate an attractive watch with being expensive. Luckily for me, I rarely dress well, so they would probably assume it's a fake!
:-d sorry, but I prefer to spend my money (every EURO I earn) for what I like, not for what I need....
I could not wear a watch if I really don't like it, but it is never a matter of its price ;-) !
I already have mid-price GMTs but travelling is sometimes a good opportunity for buying some watches hard to be found in Italy.... and the temptation of wearing them immediately is something I cannot resist to b-)
For this and for this only I am really insane :-! !!!!
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