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wearing multiple watches

  • I wear only 1 watch in public

    Votes: 337 73.6%
  • I wear a watch on each wrist in public

    Votes: 24 5.2%
  • I've considered wearing 2 or more watches in public

    Votes: 29 6.3%
  • I wear only 1 watch in private

    Votes: 143 31.2%
  • I wear 2 or more watches in private

    Votes: 32 7.0%
  • I've considered wearing 2 or more watches in private

    Votes: 23 5.0%
  • I smile when I see people wear 2 watches in public.

    Votes: 54 11.8%
  • I've tried wearing 2 or more watches in public/private, but it wasn't for me

    Votes: 7 1.5%
  • I do/would like to wear watches on my ankles. I need professional help

    Votes: 8 1.7%
  • I wish I had more arms so I can wear more watches. I need professional help.

    Votes: 21 4.6%
  • I need professional help, and it has nothing to do with watches.

    Votes: 69 15.1%
  • I am clicking this box because the option exists.

    Votes: 147 32.1%
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Me too!! I wear 2 or more at the time just for fun and looks, but i am not sure just because i am a girl, i can get away with that more than guys though..:-d
I would love to see a picture of you wearing 2. The Fad seems to come and go - and for some it never went away.

I personally like the look of a woman wearing 2 . .or 3 - it is eye catching and deserving of attention. It's a great icebreaker too - and a heck of a lot easier to remove than a tatoo!

MaineMike :)

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I occasionally wear two "watches." These days, some watches do much more than show the time. They really are wrist devices. One may have an auto-repeat vibration timer you need while hiking to remember to hydrate. Another may have fishing, moon, barometric pressure data, etc. One may be a GPS watch...
If someone just wore two analogue or even digital watches for looks alone, that would seem weird, but to me if they have unique functions it's no different than wearing a watch and eye glasses or socks and shoes. They serve different purposes. Back in the day when all they did was tell the time, ya, would be like wearing two hats or something...

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I've been wearing an automatic on the left and an ABC on the right for a few days... it's not too cumbersome and I'm covered if there's some sort of catastrophic socio-economic collapse or EMP attack while I'm not at home. I'm not paranoid, just rather be prepared.

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:think:I never wear. 2 watches but sometimes I wear 3 shoes.

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I'll give some background as to why I posted this poll. :)

A month or so ago, the Australian Open tennis tournament was taking place. And one of the players was Andy Roddick, whose coach is Jimmy Connors, a former world #1.

Anyway, every time I saw Connors on television, he wore 2 watches - a small, round, steel watch on his right wrist, and a small, black resin watch on his left. He looked good for his age(50's/60's?) - had a nice tan, looked like he had a facial, enjoying the trappings of success, so I guess he was making some kind of statement by wearing the 2 watches.

? :-!
To clarify, the steel watch was a watch. The black resin "watch" was actually a super secret receiver.
It picks up signals from a transmitter he secretly had implanted in Chris Everts brain while they were married.
He still keeps track of her every move.
Never could get over that woman.

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