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Hello everyone!

I fell in love with the U-Boat series of watches, but cannot stretch for one at the momment, or anytime soon.;-) I stumbled upon this site, and the Welder watches a few hours ago, and instantly the price tag AND look had me reaching for the credit card:-!

A few questions before I order though, how well made are the Welder watches? I realize I am not getting a Patek here, but I just want to know that I am not buying something that looks nice but is rubbish inside.
And will finding a SS bracelet for the K24 be difficult?

Thanks all!

Welder Watch is brought to you by Italo Fontana - the designer of the U-boat Watch.
In 2000 Italo Fontana launched the U-boat collection. These watches are made in very small quantities and all are individually numbered with some models with only 1,000 made.
The U-boat watch definitely has a cooler history and uses swiss movements.
The Welder uses the same Italian design with for example a Japanese Miyota OS10 quartz movement. With Welder you are getting the exact designer for less then half the cost.

Comment from another forum:
"Best place for these is watchuseek, Ernie. Got one for a friends bday. Ordered it on Friday and got it on Tuesday.

Just don't expect too much as far as quality goes. It's a nice looking piece with acceptable materials. If you're looking into better quality watches, look at Citizen or Hamilton... But then don't expect compliments.

Everywhere I go with him now he gets compliments and my Rolex's/Ling's can compete. LOL"
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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