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I was one of those folks that ordered GW-5000 from the Casio Outlet Store. I ordered 2 of them. One to use as a gift for a relative and the other one to go to somebody that was not able to take part in this sale (lives in Canada)

A little bit after I got the notifications that the items were cancelled from Casio, I decided to order one from Seiya in Japan as I really wanted one to give to this relative of mine.

I bought it on Wed 11/18/20 and I had it in my hand on Friday 11/20/20

Seiya ships very quickly as you can see by the warranty card date

I highly recommend Seiya for your Casio and Seiko needs. This is watch number 6 from him and all have gone well

Here is some pics. I did not take the watch out of the plastic as it is a gift. I took pics of it and wrapped it up(yes the battery is on full) to ship out as an early holiday gift.

He also included a Seiya polishing cloth and the latest Seiko and Casio catalog

Best of all, there is a stamped international warranty card with the watch so you can have Casio USA fix a warranty issue even though it came from Japan and is a JDM watch.


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oh it's you, Christ, didn't expect to meet you in here -
please don't ship the G to that current address, we just had our amazon shipment stolen in front of our house 2 days ago
I will PM you my wife's work addy to ship there
thanks, and merry early xmas to you
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