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  • Hello WatchUSeek! We are hosting an Ask Me Anything with Ian Schon of Schon Horology and Schon DSNG beginning on Tuesday, February 23rd at Noon, EST and closing on Thursday, February 25th at Noon EST. If you don't know of him, Ian is a desginer maker and was a senior product designer at IDEO. He is an engineer, designer and machinist who manufacturers his own watches, and also pens! If you've ever wanted to ask a question directly to a one-man watch maker, don't miss out! You can find the AMA here.

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so it's a new year...happy new year!!

i've been gone awhile, so i haven't scanned all the postings yet, but i found this intersting article, that may give all of us watch lovers pause for smiling in hopes that more fakes will be quashed in the new year.

so, i'm off like a cow tippin texan.
Where have you been? It hasn't been much fun picking on the new guys. I hope the jello wrestling tour is finally over.

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