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Just for fun I have run that profile as a "diveplan" on my dive computer, an Aladin Air-Z. It gives a 10 minute deco. time after 10 minutes at 52m. The Aladin is not known to be one of the most conservative dive computers either!

Like I said, tough guys those GP divers!:-x
(-as opposed to 2minutes suggested by the watch)

Yeah that was what struck me first when i saw thess figures-the times are far too short. But I think that you have to add all those figures together- in contrast to what the manual says. That would not only be a bettter advise, it would also be nearer the suggested times.
Anyhow I ALWAYS do a deco stop at 3meters for 5 minutes, even when I dont need it. Safety first.
41 - 41 of 41 Posts
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