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What aspect(s) of Seiko watches do you find appealing?

  • Grand Seiko's hand assembled under extreme scrutiny by elite horological craftsmen

    Votes: 19 17.4%
  • Robust quality overall (e.g. movements that reportedly last years without servicing, etc.)

    Votes: 57 52.3%
  • Impressive selection of Affordable to High-End pieces

    Votes: 38 34.9%
  • Iconic dive watch collectibles (Orange Monster, SKX007, etc)

    Votes: 38 34.9%
  • Hearing the "Oh," when you respond to someone asking about what watch you're wearing

    Votes: 13 11.9%
  • Mastery of the Movements: Quartz, Kinetic, Automatic, Solar, Spring Drive, Thermic (lol)

    Votes: 18 16.5%
  • SBDX001 Marinemaster 300m

    Votes: 16 14.7%
  • Other -- Please elaborate in thread

    Votes: 17 15.6%

What aspect of Seiko watches draws you in the most?

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Here's my totally unbiased and scientific poll. What do you guys think? Anything else about Seiko watches that needs to be mentioned?

Watch Analog watch Watch accessory Strap Fashion accessory

Pic of my MM300 just for the hell of it.
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I like the cut of your jib, old man.

I'm amused by the reaction most people have to Seiko - it's like the fellow in another thread who said they are like japanese cars, not very exciting, etc. This sort of set me to wonder how exciting time is...I mean, do you get excited by just watching the time go by MORE if it's a fine Swiss watch or German watch? Is the quality of that time better?

To me, the mark of a really great watch is how much you enjoy looking at it. Naturally THAT is a totally subjective thing, which is, obviously, why there are so many watches instead of us all wearing a GI watch.

I think Seiko would be smart to advertise a bit more their real history, but I suppose they sell enough watches that they don't care. To me it looks like they have problems if demand for the GS gets too much bigger!

And yea, I sort of get a kick out of people who snub 'em. I guess ignorance is bliss.

BTW, on the wrist, my SARB017 is beating COSC so far.
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That pic says it all. Durable, built to outlive us all, beautiful, and performs the purpose for which it was designed.
I Heart Seiko!
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Yep, and if there was a way to check all of the poll boxes on this one, I would. I can't say what my favorite aspect is regarding Seiko - I just love their watches! They are indeed historically significant, and IMO are leaps and bounds above the Swiss when you're looking at price to quality ratio. And anyone can get a Seiko - from the $50 quartz mall beater to, in my opinion, the best watch in the world: The Grand Seiko. They have something in their line up that can appeal to anyone - from the average joe who knows nothing about watches, to weirdos like us who obsess over them. From ultra affordable to super high end. And the best part? Whichever you choose, you can rest assured that you bought an excellent watch that'll serve you well for years to come. I too HEART Seiko.
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I also would have picked all the above, but I chose the "Hearing the "Oh," when you respond to someone asking about what watch you're wearing" just because I love how under the radar even the high end Seiko's are. I'm just waiting for the day when a mugger looks at my watch, sees I'm, in his words "just wearing a Seiko" and offers me money so I can buy a real watch. :-d And sadly with the way that most people aren't educated about watches including the muggers, I can see this happening. b-) Maybe then I can buy a TAG for the muggers to steal. :roll: |>
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This sort of set me to wonder how exciting time is...I mean, do you get excited by just watching the time go by MORE if it's a fine Swiss watch or German watch? Is the quality of that time better?
This is when you show them a Spring Drive. It's kind of hard to no get excited watching the time go by with one like in the video below or any of the Spring Drive movements. Them German and Swiss got nothing on the Seiko's.

It was the Diver's that brought me in, but it's the quality that keeps me wearing Seiko. I can't say that about other brands. I have owned plenty of Swiss brands and still have a few, but they just don't speak to me like Seiko. It's a sickness I know. But I'm OK with that.
Tweakability of the SKX line drew me in.

You don't like it stock? Change it!

Every movement ever used since the company's founding was in house. Not many watch brands can say that.
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Seiko has provided me with an unending supply of vintage watches that I can afford. These watches have also afforded me the opportunity to learn a little about repair, restoration and the thrill of geting a Ramon Treasure Chest special back into prime running condition!

Oh yeh; the new watches still give us bang for the buck, comparatively speaking :)
The April 2012 Edition of Watch Time Magazine has a very informative ten page essay on Seiko. A totally integrated company. Produces all the pieces to manufacture, assemble, and test there products. They are the only company to have mastered all four time keeping technologies, quartz, solar,automatic, and spring drive. There list of patents just keeps growing.
For me, it's mostly the robust, durable movements.

I also mod nearly every Seiko that passes through my hands, so the availability of quality aftermarket parts is also a HUGE (secondary) reason.
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It's a great many things for me. But if there could only be one, it'd be the movements. They're by far the best movements I can afford.
Beauty, eh? I think their designs are classic. Some say boring, some say derivative, I say elegant and in many cases clean and beautiful.
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Hypothetical longevity, venerable autos (all my new Seikos are 7s26 but have a 4r36 coming soon! =), appearance, styling, affordability. Beyond that, potential customization options.

I haven't had all that many in-real-life discussions about watches since getting obsessed with Seiko nearly 2 years ago now, but most of them have seemed to include people's disinterest and distaste in Seiko and an unwavering belief that they are 'cheap' or 'junk'. Part of me thinks people might be mixing/lumping Casio and Seiko together (not that Casio are shabby either-- many people confuse 'affordable' with 'cheap'). Otherwise it's just complete ignorance and lack of knowledge on the product. Seiko pumps out 100,000's of watches per year, no? There are bound to be duds (as with any manufactured product), but not for one second do I believe all these people who hate Seiko have tried one and gotten a bad one in order to form their opinion.

The only true victory in the situation is that we possess the knowledge that they don't; that our timepieces will probably cost less and last longer than theirs will, and we won't have to change any batteries.
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As others have mentioned it would be so easy to check all those boxes !!! :-d

Vertical Integration:
I think this is the key strategic advantage which impacts most of the other areas where Seiko are very competitive. Seiko is possibly the Worlds most integrated Watch Co....Yet you don't hear them riding a huge wave of marketing hype about it.Bracelets, batts, lume, crystals, mvt oils, IC's, LCD components etc,etc
I believe Epson even make some of the high tech machines used in some of the production processes.

Quality/Value: (I believe is closely linked to the high level of vertical integration)
Be it at the lower end (eg Alba/Pulsar and lower end Seiko lines), mid end (eg Brightz/Prospex etc), or higher end (GS/Credor/Galante etc). Seiko pieces are almost always highly competitive for quality/$.

Seiko has a genuine, consistent and very long history of successful innovation. They seem to have made relatively few mis-steps over the years in the pursuit of such innovation.

Seiko do not seem to go in for quite as much hype marketing as some other companies. (eg endlessly promoting some kind of convoluted professional connection such as military,aviation etc) This particular type of marketing seems to be on the rise and i for one find it less appealing. Many people may say that marketing is a Seiko weak spot,...Perhaps true,..But it just makes me like 'em even more ! :-!

Under The Radar:
Seiko is perhaps somewhat of an under the radar brand in the eyes of many. Abilities often far exceed the attention received, which i find also very appealing.

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To be honest it's the price. I can get a nice looking automatic for cheap. If I could I'd buy something a lot more expensive and with more "brand value" like Rolex or something.
my vote - the style :D ...and the decent price too
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