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Depends on whether or not i am wearing my Rolex or something else.

You’re obviously a reprehensible human, then. I bet you go around punching the handicapped and tripping seniors outside the old folks home.
Yeah, thats all well and good, but where's the reprehensible part?

(I am obviously wearing a Rolex as i type this)

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Nobody gives a f...about your watch except the guy having a gun and planning to steal it from you in order to sell it for food or drugs..
You can buy a very , very expensive watch from a house cleaning company for pennies after a rich guy dies...You can fancy with how knowledgeable and rich you are about it after ...but your father knows exactly who you are...I know a guy who bought a 10k$ original Omega for exactly 50 bucks this way and he had a shock when I found out where he bought it from...At least he stopped pretending being someone important to me...A watch is good to keep your smartphone in your pockets giving less chance to your cheap android to be seen instead of the last Iphone model...
Damn, this got deep in a hurry!

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i wear one of my watches all day and to bed. it just means i was too lazy to remove it :ROFLMAO:

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What does wearing a luxury watch say about you?
I guess, wearing a luxury watch say about me that I'm wearing a luxury watch and that I can tell the time.

Edit: But it's amazing that SwissFineTiming doesn't say a word about the effect of watches on women. It's a good thing that the German news magazine “Focus” already devoted itself to this topic two years ago.

Here is the translation of the original text:
“Real women reveal
This kind of watch makes men attractive

Watches are much more than timepieces. They serve as ornaments, investments and represent the personality of their wearer. But a men's watch like the "Hamburg" from Sternglas does even more: men who buy this wristwatch become more attractive to ladies.

The decision for a wristwatch is far-reaching. Few objects accompany us for so long and are shown so often in everyday life. Yet the choice for a particular model is often made in just a few minutes: We see a watch, fall in love with it and know without further consideration: Exactly this one should, indeed must be it!
Often enough, however, it is not - and the reason is not very romantic: the bracelet often has a price tag with a four- or even five-figure sum. The result: the heart says yes, the credit card says no. And this veto is compelling.
In the case of the "Hamburg x FOCUS Online" starglass timepiece, we get two "yeses," fortunately! At 249 Euros, this beauty is also offered really cheaply.

Which men's watches are well received by women - and which are not?

There are many "hard" arguments for buying this men's watch - they will play a role later. But at the top of the purchase decision is what can not be captured in numbers and materials: This watch is functional and captivatingly beautiful at the same time, which pleases the wearer, but also does not escape the ladies' attention and can even be proven with a short trip to "".

A few months ago, a number of ladies sat down together in the "GQ" editorial team to chat about their watch preferences: It wasn't about the piece of jewelry on their own wrist, but rather the question: which watch do you want to see on a man? And looking at the answers, one almost wants to ask in retrospect: Did these fashion-conscious women here perhaps already have the Sternglas men's watch "Hamburg x FOCUS Online" in mind?

The overall picture must be right

For women, one thing is certain: the gentleman's wristwatch always attracts attention. Even on the first date, it contributes as a solitaire to the overall image and should match the overall appearance. A sporty watch with unsporty clothing? That would be a no-go, for example.
The ladies also agree that bigger is by no means better when it comes to watches. Flashy, ostentatious pieces are not in demand; noble understatement is clearly preferred. For those surveyed, a high-quality watch not only stands for a man's good taste, but also for his continuity and reliability. Once chosen, the watch can be worn every day. So it's a bit like the wishes for the first date itself: Everything should be so beautiful that a close bond is formed.

That's why the "Hamburg" from Sternglas is a good choice

The design of the "Sternglas Hamburg" is inspired by seafaring. Clear shapes define the image, the time can be read easily and precisely. A maximum of functionality has been stylishly poured here into a design that is not subject to fashion constraints.
With a size of 42 millimeters, this watch fits perfectly on the wrist and is absolutely suitable for everyday use. Inside, a durable movement from RONDA ensures precision, the correct time can be read accurately and at the same time intuitively via the three hands on the filigree dial. By the way, thanks to the hands with luminous dots, this is also true in the dark of night.
The "Hamburg" is scratch-resistant and can even get caught in the rain. To be more precise, a sapphire crystal raises the standard to the highest level, and water resistance is guaranteed up to five bar. And the fact that functionality does not come at the expense of looks here is clear from the first glance at the silver-satin dial under the sapphire crystal, which with its slight curvature adds a special flair to the otherwise rather Nordic-cool look.

Facts about the "STERNGLAS Hamburg x FOCUS Online" at a glance:

Diameter: 42 millimeters
Case height: 6 millimeters
Price (exclusively for readers of FOCUS Online): 199 Euro
Material: 316L stainless steel, polished
Dial: silver-satinized, domed
Hands: black-white
Watch crystal: domed sapphire crystal, double anti-reflective coating
Movement: analog quartz movement
Water resistance: 5 ATM

By the way, the ladies' round at "GQ" was also about the bracelet. Not too wide bracelets made of leather were favored. Sternglas seems to share this opinion and has given the "Hamburg" a dark brown (vintage 20 mocha) bracelet made of cowhide.

… don't let yourself be seduced

Those who choose the "STERNGLAS Hamburg x FOCUS Online", however, have a hurdle to overcome. Whether it's your first date or your one hundredth, please don't look at your watch too often. With all due understanding, that could come across wrong!”

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You are not what you own, but a sum of experiences and actions. The luxury watch itself is just a neutral object. If you obtained said watch by saving an innocent child’s life and were then gifted the expensive watch by her parents, and you are wearing the timepiece to honor them as you volunteer your time picking up garbage on the side of the road, the watch is still just a neutral object with no inherent good or evil.

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Wearing my luxury watch tonight at home and thought….why versus any watch. Asked Google search: Watch Shop Near Me | Chicago Watch Stores - Swiss Finetiming

Here are 6 things wearing a good watch says about you?

You are dependable.
Regardless of the style of watch, people who wear watches are seen as dependable and reliable. To others, seeing a watch on someone’s wrist says that that person is punctual and values not only his or her time but other people’s time. After all, time is money, friend.

You are practical.
There are many types of watches and most of them serve a purpose other than simply telling time. Watch-wearers who like adventure generally choose a watch that fits their lifestyle. They may select a watch that is sweat-resistant and water resistant. Their selection of a watch to fit their lifestyle shows a practical vibe that doesn’t come from smartphone bearers. Seiko watches are known for their durability and are known to last years without need of repair, even their non-luxury watches stand the tests of time.

You have personal style.
Let’s face it. Watches look nice. They come in many styles for all manner of tastes. Whether you’re wearing a watch to a formal dinner or for everyday use, your watch says to onlookers and admirers that you take pride in how you look.

You are Successful.
Honestly, we don’t really need to wear a watch with everyone glued to smartphones. But a beautiful timepiece is more than just a way to tell time. It’s a status symbol. A well-made time piece tells people that you appreciate the finer things in life, and you work hard to get them.

You value tradition.
Trends come and go, but a classic timepiece never goes out of style. You may even partake in a few fashion trends here and there. But one thing is for certain. People who wear watches value tradition. You value the hard workmanship that goes into making a classic, luxury watch. Traditional doesn’t necessarily mean old fashioned either. It means you value the high standards that were passed down to you.

You have a sense of adventure.
Watches like Panerai and Breitling are designed to serve you throughout your active lifestyle. Whether you are scuba diving, skydiving or rescuing a company’s stocks from diving, a well-made watch reflects your sense of adventure.
An interesting sales pitch and that is all it is. But thanks for sharing, though.
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