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This thread is inactive because there is another for the same use, please consider this closed. Thanks
Unless it is locked by a moderator, individuals will continue to post pictures to this thread. As to why? From what I have observed on the various other WUS forums over the past year is that it is probably attributed to an illness which they feel the need to jack up their post count. And, the individual above is probably no different for he posted the same picture on three other picture threads in the Hamilton forum. In fact, I a surprised he did not create some additional threads to post his picture as well - which has been done in the past by another WUS user.

Maybe if you send a Moderator a request to have this thread locked it could prevent future postings to this thread. If not, instead of having three threads in the Hamilton forum to post the same pic, they will have now four threads to post the same pic.
1 - 20 of 1046 Posts