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Just to compile a list what-I-like and what-I-dont-like with my B42 cosmo chrono watch.

What I like (in order of importance) :

1. The dial and case
I like the not-too-messy dial, the red hands, thick case

2. It is a great value
For its relatively more affordable price (compared to other Swiss Made swatch), you got chrono, day-date, rotating bezel, AR glass.

3. AR sapphire glass
The AR is very distinctly good compare to the other watches I have seen (within my range). To me, I think it is wasted if you have a good dial but you can hardly see it because of the reflection.

4. The bracelet
It is thick and look very sturdy

5. The metal finish
I am not too sure if it is called 'brush' or 'blast' or whatsoever, but the not-too-shining finishing is a draw factor to me.

6. Accuracy
I was so joy that the watch was only off by -1sec/day. My BALL off by -15sec/day. Just send it back to BALL AD to check yesterday and getting it back in a couple of week.

7. The weight.
Some might prefer the Ti version, but I always like the feeling of lugging a small piece of metal in my hand.

8. None of the people that I met for the past few days heard of FORTIS
When I told them it is a FORTIS watch, they will asked,"What? Tortoise? Oh, Fossil." But it only add of the exclusiveness of owning one here.

What I dont like (in order of importance) :

1. The bracelet clasp
It is very thin and sharp and feel kind of cheapo (look like one of those small bend metal sheet). And I prefer a push button release clasp too.

2. The rotating bezel smoothness
Not as smooth as I tot it would be. I had tried a Seiko Orange Seamonster (hope I got the name correct) and I must say it feel so smooth when you rotate the bezel. Also, the "12 hrs" point of the rotating bezel does not align exactly with the red hand. Very dissapointed by this :-(

3. The end of the bracelet link.
I guess due to my small wrist, I can see gap between the case and the end of the link. But when I saw photos by MarkJnk and citjet, it looks perfectly OK on their wrist. I can't fault Fortis on this.

4. Fortis Manual
Or the lack of manual. The manual is just a foldable card with very very brief instruction. Worse still, it is not the manual for Cosmonauts series. :-(
When I purchased a <USD150 Seiko a few years back, it came with a small booklet of instruction. I don't see why FORTIS can't do more for this.

5. Warranty card
The warranty card again is another piece of foldable card. I would prefer it to me a plastic card of credit card size.

6. People around me don't know Fortis.
They can instantly recognize a Tag Heuer but they would not understand why you part with thousands of dollar for FORTIS.

Having said all, I must put it straight that I am still very happy with my purchase and I won't stop with just one FORTIS. ;-)

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You make some good points about a couple things I noticed also. The bezel on mine lines up exactly with the 12 but is difficult to rotate due to the lack of a surface for my fingers to grip.
The other is the clasp on the bracelet. It does seem 'tinny' but not really bad at all.
Now, having only had mine in my possesion for about 8hrs, I still have to time it.
The fact that it is a large case of 44.5mm by 16mm thick makes it an awesome watch that it still not super big. In fact I am curious about the non-bezel version of the B42.

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I agree wholeheartedly about the clasp. Lets face it, on a $2800 retail watch, this clasp is a joke and must cost Fortis pennies to make. It is thin, has sharp edges, and rattles. The Fortis logo is punched in from the back... cheap, cheap, cheap. I had to put a piece of thin foam on the back of the clasp to quiet it down. This is the only criticism I have on an otherwise incredible watch. Luckily, the clasp functions just fine, so I can enjoy the other attributes of this fine watch.

My bezel lines up dead-on, and the tension and click seems right. The comparison to the Orange monster true, although the Orange monster sets a high standard as being one of the best feeling bezels in the industry. Few can compete with the monsters.

No regrets with this purchase, even with a cheap clasp.
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