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Such a hard question.
  • I started with the Nassau (red triangle) - A great start for the brand for me. Prob the one watch I swap straps with the most.
  • I ended up with 2 Key Wests (white gilt dial pepsi, black gilt dial coke) - that gilt is mesmerizing, some great pics of these.
  • I had a Hawkinge, but ended up selling to a friend after some time.
  • I managed to grab a PMWF Graywater, along with a supportive forum member who tracked down the original artwork! That thing is an absolute tank and love it for my trekking trips. Super crisp details with the yellow highlights and that lume is amazing!
  • Project 300 was next for me. Pretty long wait, but damn did he knock it out of the park! The attention to detail and crispness is pretty mind blowing from a micro brand.

Now, the one that got away was the Fulcrum! I was looking at it as my second Mkii, but didn't bite the bullet. I think it's such an awesome piece, with blasted case and the option of grey or black for that faded look. Still want one of these for sure.
Wow-I had the same first four watches-Nassau big crown w red triangle, the exact same two Key West's and the Hawkinge. I also had the LRRP, and now the 300. I gotta say the 300 is very nice. Key West gilt w coke also is a favorite.

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It feels the least derivative, while still embracing the vintage tool watch aesthetic.
I agree that the Blackwater (and descendant Paradive) are the quintessential MKII watches. They capture the military and utilitarian nature of MKII in single watches. But, for my personal favorite MKII, I have to go with the 300. The big triangle Seamaster has always been a favorite of mine, and the 300 captures its soul as well as any piece I can think of. Having been a part of the journey from concept to completion is, of course, a big part of why it's my favorite.

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For me, it's the Key West. That model was the one that got me into microbrand watches in general, leading to me making my WUS account. There was something about the way that the project came together with the community offering input, the way that it built on the success and lessons learned from the Kingston that gave it that extra spark so to speak. The final product paid close reverence to the source material but also had enough of its own personality to stand out. My personal favorite out of the range was the gilt/coke combo. If I had one wish it would be that we could maybe one day see the much vaunted Key West "Havana" with a tobacco dial...perhaps with lumed bezel. Oh well, a man can dream.

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I know there are models that I don't own that I wish I maybe ownership and picture posting isn't exactly reflective of the most popular or loved models. Which is your favorite? I for one would kill to find a Fulcrum available, or see it come back.

Key West
Project 300
Quad 10
Tornek Rayville
something that was a custom mod
something I forgot?

Note: I tried to do a poll and of course I screwed it up. Sorry.
The vantage.

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Blackwater is my favorite, wish I could make a Greywater out of the blackwater case....that would be my perfect MKII.

Not only was the size nearly perfect but there were dozens of options to chose from including different handsets, dials, bezel inserts, etc.
I currently only have a Gen 3 Paradive, and my Tornek Rayville is on its way. I'm curious to see which I prefer. However, I have to echo these comments. I'd really like to find a Blackwater, preferably a date model. I've seen some really unique ones on the form and social media.
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