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What model is this particular watch and...

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did Kobold ever make it without the Land Rover on the dial? Thanks for any help provided. The picture does not belong to me, I hope it's ok that I used it. Thanks.
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It is considered rude to 'take' someones picture and post it, particularly when you can look at the thread
and see that it is someone who posts's here - you could have asked the question in the thread, sent a PM or an email to get your answer. :roll:

But to answer your question it's a soarway diver case, plain bezel which does move, different case back than the SD and I understand, since there's one posted for sale on TZ that there are two different casebacks - the 20th anniversary Range Rover back and as in my case, the Land Rover Expedition Timekeeper caseback - both are stamped WR 300m. Therefore, I assume my watch is the limited edition Soarway Diver Land Rover Expedition Timekeeper. As such I don't believe it comes without LR on the dial, but one could send off the dial to be re-done and remove it. The hands and markers are a very cool blue lume also.

Feel free to PM or email if you have other questions. :-!
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Oh, I didn't say I was offended, just that it was considered rude.
There's one on timezone sales corner that is going for a pretty penny and I'm like you but I can live with the LR thing as it is a very cool watch that has very clean lines. And blue lume!
Sorry, have to disagree. This appears to be a Ti Soarway case, no destro crown, flat face crystal, doesn't appear to be larger case, very thin (for a Kobold)...definitely a Soarway
While the SOA is a Soarway case, this watch is more like the traditional Soarway Diver, as can be seen by the crown location and size similarity as well as the bezel construction - if you look at a traditional SD and this watch, the configuration is the same i.e. there is the 'inner' bezel for the lack of a better term and the bezel does turn, unlike, I believe the SOA bezels which are fixed.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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