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What model is this particular watch and...

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did Kobold ever make it without the Land Rover on the dial? Thanks for any help provided. The picture does not belong to me, I hope it's ok that I used it. Thanks.
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Actually that model more closely resembles the mid size SOA than the SD, you may want to look in to it.
Sorry, have to disagree. This appears to be a Ti Soarway case, no destro crown, flat face crystal, doesn't appear to be larger case, very thin (for a Kobold)...definitely a Soarway
I used to own this watch, and I have an SD. Aside from crown placement, there is a closer resemblance to a 41mm SOA. Lack of date, lack of second hand, fixed bezel, etc. Also, the 41mm SOA is based on the SD case.
The SD, is as the name implies, a dive watch. Given the lack of functions, I don't think one would dive with this watch.
The LR version that was given away with the car is def. a SD.
Just my opinion
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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