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What model is this particular watch and...

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did Kobold ever make it without the Land Rover on the dial? Thanks for any help provided. The picture does not belong to me, I hope it's ok that I used it. Thanks.
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Kobold does make a clean version of the watch. It is called the Soarway Diver. It comes in SS (This one appears to be Ti) and is a phenominal watch. I have had one and loved it, great size, and presence, very legible dial, and as you said, classy and dressy, but with an agressive flair. They are very reasonably priced new and with some searching you can find them in the various sales forums fairly priced as well. It comes in either a blue face, black face, or white face version. If you haven't yet visited Troy's Unofficial Kobold gallery (sticky thread above) you should, you will see all the photos of the Soarway Diver you can stand :)

I don't consider your use of the photo rude or out of place by the way. You didn't try to take credit for it, you said it was someone else's and gave a specific reason for doing so
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Sorry, have to disagree. This appears to be a Ti Soarway case, no destro crown, flat face crystal, doesn't appear to be larger case, very thin (for a Kobold)...definitely a Soarway
Thanks for agreeing
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