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Back to my real job today wearing the OVM, but I think I did more work this weekend. Stone is moved and installed, but the 2 yards of soil will have to wait for next weekend as I don't have the time and frankly, the energy, to do it now, though I fully expect that to go quite a bit faster. By some miracle I'm actually not very sore today and that probably has a lot to do with the fact I keep myself in good shape. However, I went to bed before 9 and passed out promptly - I was beat!
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This driveway and yard has been a bugaboo since moving in. The new driveway certainly will be better for any water issues and shoveling, mainly because it is now graded properly and not in 50 uneven pieces. Along with the new driveway came some extra landscaping I had not anticipated. But, as the area was already dug out pretty nicely, I didn't have much prep work to do. It was me, my flat shovel and wheelbarrow for about 7 hours in two days transforming this backyard and driveway space. I ordered 5 TONS of stone and got it done.

Before - Lots of weeds in the cracks of the drive, an old and warped deck/patio and some very questionable landscaping when I moved in.
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Just before the first full year was complete, I ripped out the old patio and "landscaping" and with the help of a friend - and Youtube - installed a paver patio (I did stone masonry for a summer in college). Complete with 4 inches of gravel, one inch of sand underneath, weedblock and grading. Somehow I managed a level surface with a uniform grade! Sadly, the lilies I planted get eaten before they blossom by the multitude of rabbits...
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This summer I painted the garage, had someone put in a driveway and then did my big project this weekend.'
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