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What The Heck Is A "Franken" Watch?

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HI All,
I have read the word here and on other forums. I have never seen a definition. I suspect I have a Franken Speedy Pro. But I don't really know what is meant by "Franken". It doesn't sound like a compliment.

Thanks, Sparky
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The 'in the eye of the beholder' point is very true.

For example, take this 30T2SC:

As you can see the balance bridge is not the original; it's appropriate to the 1941/42 movement, with no shock protection, but finished in gold rather than copper. For a perfectionist this would be a Franken and the value of the watch is probably reduced by as much as a third for a watch like this.

On the other hand, here is a total franken:

The case is a JLC one, the dial is from a Timefactors watch and the hands are Swatch, the movement is a Tissot 2824. Total Franken.

However, I had bought the case, with dial, stem crown and hands in the faint hope of finding the correct JLC 352 movement. Several years later, I did. I replaced the movement into the JLC:

far right!

Now, this is the correct movement in the correct case with all the correct parts (yes, even the gold crown). For all I know, the movement came from this very watch in the first place. However, the watch has had two incarnations since I have had it and the likelihood is that the watch and movement didn't come out of the factory together even if there is no indication whatsoever of this. So is the current JLC Master Quartz a franken? I'm not sure. Fortunately I have no intention of selling so it doesn't matter.
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What the heck is a Franken watch?

A crime against watches



How can it be bad when it feels so good?
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this thread just craves the mighty Omlex
Oh if you insist!

Rolex Oyster Case, Omega 601 movement, MkII dial, Omega Dyanamic minute and hour hands, Omega 300 second hand, Grand Seiko Strap. When you want to build your personal perfect hand wind watch you have to go Franken.

When someone unwisely tells you it wouldn't last five minutes in the real world, you have to test it properly!

As used by tombraiders!

Mind you, I have to confess that El's SMP PO looks even better and is a work of daring genius.
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Bumping - simply posting to take the post to the top of the forum where it will be more easily noticed.
BUMP as an acronym = Bring Up My Post.
You learn something new every day!
Slimline featherbed if I'm not mistaken, VERY nice. I did something similar with a T90 engine many many years ago. I am just old enough that the old British stuff was cheap when I was a kid and, before I went to Uni I did a couple of years apprenticeship as a mechanic. It's funny how your life changes direction...

Anyway, mine was Triumph/Greeves, a Grumph. It was a bit tall, but ultralight and with a lovely stiff frame. I'll try to find some old photos, but it looked a bit like a rough green version of this
with telescopic forks. It's another classic build and rally quite easy once you sort out the engine plates and line up the chain.

Anyway, the Omlex was completely my own idea. I had the 601 rebuilt by the guy who did my watches but I posted the whole thing here:

And the photos are of The Valley of the Kings from above and the old British fort at the head of the Nile at Aswan.

As for the sea of Galilee, that's fourth down!

Now I'm just showing off!
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