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Hello all :)

I know that the Chistopol watch factory began producing Komandirskie models in ~1965, as an upgrade to their traditional watches; though am wondering if anyone knew what the very first model of Komandirskie was produced? OR at least which set of models could be candidates?

Additionally my understanding is the 2214 caliber was produced first, then later a new 2214 variety made to be hacking, which was sometime later was renamed 2234. (Hence why original examples exist with hacking movements but 2214 written on it, I'm assuming these are transition pieces that existed after the hacking movement was developed, but before it was renamed).

I hazard a guess that a gold-dialed variety may have been the first produced, but honestly this is entirely a guess.

Could the second-hand also be an indicator of age? I remember reading somewhere that the older komandirskies were produced with a seconds that had an arrow-tip (similar to kirovskies or older vostok models from the 50s - 60s), and a lolipop seconds came in later?

This line of inquiry began upon seeing this watch which I am very attracted to, and believe to be an early komandirskie model (but not the first?):

P.S: If anyone also knows what the first model of amphibia is that would be a welcome bonus piece of information.

Thank you!
- Den
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