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hi guys
every day i have to carry a few tools just to survive in my job in the australian bush
i carry G shock mudman, garmen GPS, compass in case gps breaks , leatherman multitool core, swiss army knife, tourch, and ipod nano
what do you carry for your every day kit


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what do you carry for your every day kit
Not an exhaustive list, and I'm only including stuff that I carry on me (i.e. in normal clothes and jacket), not kit that's in my rucksack...
  • Casio watch (currently PAW1300)
  • Gerber multitool (currently Shortcut)
  • Peter Atwood whistle
  • Arc AAA flashlight
  • Inova LED light
  • Compass
  • Surefire L2 flashlight
  • 2x CR123 batteries for Surefire
  • Moleskine notebook (cahier)
  • Phone (Sony Ericsson K800i)
  • PDA (HTC TyTN II Kaiser - PDA, phone + GPS all in one)
  • Umbrella
  • Yaesu VX-3R amateur radio (with 50/144/430 MHz antenna)
  • Doug Ritter emergency survival kit
The Gerber Shortcut is exceptionally useful. Look at this heroic customer story on the Gerber website. b-)

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On a workday -
  • A watch
  • Phone (basic Nokia)
  • PDA (HP)
  • Ballpoint pen (Rotring 600)
  • Mechanical pencil (Rotring 600)
  • Swiss Army Knife on keyring (Cadet silver allox)

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Hi there,

This is a very interesting thread. My workday kit includes:

1: Blackberry 8700g

2: Nokia Phone (Model # 6300)

3: Casio Pathfinder (PAW1100 - 7YT)

4: GPS (Garmin C340)

5: HP Computer with 20 inch widescreen.


- vishrit

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My list varies with the clients I happen to be working with that day. I work in mental health, as such, depending on the situation I will need different tools and instruments.
1. Hp Computer to enter data into CMHC or to key in a Hospital Commitment
2. Various Assessment instruments (The V-6, CAFAS, ABS, etc)
3. Pen (Various pharmaceutical pens)
4. HP fax machine to fax endless stacks of papers to and from my office
5. Whichever watch I feel like wearing that day.
6. Motorola V323i in case the local Hospital has a mental health crisis.
7. My car (2007 Corolla S) to either transport clients, do home visits, or deliver meds.
8. Huge HP copy machine.
9 Copy of DSM-IV TR to get diagnosis codes.

Thats all I can think of....

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Mine's pretty simple: a fountain pen (yellow namiki vanishing point) and a watch (various Gs, atomic mudman or gw5600bcj lately) to remind me when to head for home.

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Mine is pretty much the same from Monday to Friday:

1. Office attire
2. Montblanc pen (Gift from the boss! I'm too cheap to buy a Montblanc)
3. G-Shocks or Seiko divers
4. Motorola V3xx cell phone
5. Pack of smokes (Mild Seven)

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I work in mental health.
Me too, and checking in my desk drawer, I reckon I have around fifty pens from drug companies. One of them (advertising 'Truvada') is actually pretty smart - Balmain, Paris. Some of the 'Lustral' ones aren't bad either, apart from being bright yellow.

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My work kit is huge. On my person, all day long, I carry:

1. Benchmade large M2 RitterGrip
2. Leatherman Micra
3. G'Zone Type-V cell phone
4. Arc AAA-P flashlight
5. Ipod 30gig Video or 8 gig Nano

My work backpack (North Face Bandwidth) adds:

1. Strider SNG
2. Victorinox Spirit multitool
3. Atwood Spannerbaby
4. Thinkpad T60P
5. 1 gig flash drive
6. Suunto Comet Compass
7. Rite In The Rain pocket journal
8. Fisher space pen
9. Inova X5 flashlight
10. Husky HD-74501 S mini-screwdriver
11. Husky HD-74502 V mini-screwdriver
12. Yo-Yo Jam X-ConVict yo-yo
13. Slick6 yo-yo string
14. ShedRain Wind Pro umbrella
15. Small Otterbox with Neosporin, bandaids and wet naps
16. Larger Otterbox with Bic lighter, Visine, Krazy Glue, pencil, sewing needle, 50 feet of spectra thread, and eyeglass repair kit
17. Double-tip black Sharpie marker
18. HP Photosmart R725 digital camera
19. Tissues

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watch (mostly g-shock)
badge (work access badge)
deoderant under arms
2 GIG USB drive


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Good thread:

Muddy or Pathfinder
Glock 26
Extra 15 or 18 round magazine
Good old gov't. issue motorola nextel phone
Either Benchmade Folder or Leatherman Pocketclip
Sometimes a set of 'cuffs
And before anyone asks, "Immigration and Customs Enforcment"

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I've dwindled things down over the last few years. I used to carry a lot more, but these days it's the following on a daily basis:

Benchmade folder
Leatherman (can't remember the model, but it's probably overkill - it was free!)
Work keys
Zebra F-301 pen
Cell phone (an enV at the moment)
Oakley Gascan sunglasses
G-Shock or Casio on workdays and something else on weekends - usually

I always carry around a backpack (Clive Muska) that has assorted journals and sketch pads, pens, pencils, a magazine (usually BREW), PSP and some other random things. That goes with me just about everywhere.

I used to have screwdrivers and work gloves and all kinds of assorted tools with me, but I'm not working in the production business anymore so I don't need to carry that stuff around. Thankfully.

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Various Gs
Digital caliper
Various deburring tools

CNC Machinist, 2nd shift supervisor

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Lets see I will start off what I call my 4 check, Keys, Wallet, Watch of the day, and cell phone. Then lets add to it

4 text books
HP 50 calculator
HP 48 Calculator as back up
spare set of batteries for calculator
water bottel
other assorted items I may or may not need
for a total of 25 pounds in the backpack. I weighed it a few weeks ago

Kind of ironic that at school I do more "humpin", that is walking with a backpack of stuff, with a heavier pack than I did in combat units. I park 1/2 mile away from where classes are, climb 120 steps and walk the half mile to class . Some times I go into school 2 times a day. :-s:-d

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Gadget wise, I usually have a G-Shock, my mp3 player (iRiver H10) a lot of the time, my mobile (Samsung 709SC), and if I hit the road, I take my little notebook (Toshiba Libretto L5) with me.


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I emptied my pockets and belt this morning and found this:

If you have a Leatherman, you an't live without it. The Micra is very handy everywhere. It is on my school keys, so I have it always near hand. The yellow things are clamps to keep my trousers out of my bike chain. The right coin is a shopping cart coin, the other is my "Lucky Öre" (Norwegian coin).

If I had my labcoat on, you would also have seen a assortiment of waterproof markers, pens, tweezers and spatulaes.


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