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When did copies become homages?

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When did copies become homages? I'm curious, how this came about? To me a homage is a watch that makes reference to another iconic watch, inspiration or repurposing a desirable feature or design. For example a watch with Oyster case and sterile dial with sword hands but with Fifty Fathom like bezel, to me that would be a homage to Fifty Fathom and possibly vintage military dive watches.

But I'm curious how the WUS or watch community has come to accept copies like Steinhart, Invicta Pro Diver, or Tissell Explorer as being homages, when in fact they are copies. Homage would be pay respecting to the original. This is just ripping off the original design.

I understand some people don't like homages of any kind. I'm OK with a watch that combines features from others, and apply some flair of their own. But I see so many straight copies that are called homages and I don't understand it, since they are clearly not homages, they are copies.

And some people also seem to not able to understand a copy and replica are no the same thing. I"m not saying Steinhart or Davaso make Rolex replicas, but they certainly are making Rolex copies.

To me calling these watches homages is an insult to other watches that are actually homages, as it puts a watch with interesting character of their own in the same basket with these lame copies.
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Buy, wear, enjoy whatever tickles your stuff. Order pina colodas and sit at Trader Vic’s while casually cross-threading the crown. Share at will. Take no ****.

If it’s legal and you like it, then do it (please).

However: The watches mentioned here and in other, countless threads pay no homage. If they are correctly branded, they are design-copied watches; otherwise, they are fakes.

Conjecture: If enthusiasts would stop intentionally misrepresenting the product (the effing “homage” word) I’m sure that only a few gate-keeping wannabe’s would care enough to keep these incessant, moronic threads going. Perhaps they would lose interest.

I prefer this term myself.
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