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When did copies become homages?

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When did copies become homages? I'm curious, how this came about? To me a homage is a watch that makes reference to another iconic watch, inspiration or repurposing a desirable feature or design. For example a watch with Oyster case and sterile dial with sword hands but with Fifty Fathom like bezel, to me that would be a homage to Fifty Fathom and possibly vintage military dive watches.

But I'm curious how the WUS or watch community has come to accept copies like Steinhart, Invicta Pro Diver, or Tissell Explorer as being homages, when in fact they are copies. Homage would be pay respecting to the original. This is just ripping off the original design.

I understand some people don't like homages of any kind. I'm OK with a watch that combines features from others, and apply some flair of their own. But I see so many straight copies that are called homages and I don't understand it, since they are clearly not homages, they are copies.

And some people also seem to not able to understand a copy and replica are no the same thing. I"m not saying Steinhart or Davaso make Rolex replicas, but they certainly are making Rolex copies.

To me calling these watches homages is an insult to other watches that are actually homages, as it puts a watch with interesting character of their own in the same basket with these lame copies.
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This article, from nearly 10 years ago, uses the term "close 1-to-1 homages" to describe design copies.

Yes. It's an old obsequious term for replica watches with a worthless name on the label.
It was already in regular use on these boards when I started coming here in 2017.
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The watches we're mainly talking about here aren't homage watches, because homage implies some level of respect and we know these companies are just cashing in by being cheaper alternatives to a more "prestigious" watch model.
They're not fakes or counterfeits, because they're not passing themselves off as the original brand.
"Replica" is the closest term, I think. But the problem here is that replica is commonly associated with terms like "historical replica", so a "replica watch" could just as easily mean somebody making a 1:1 copy of an old "dirty dozen" military watch just as much as somebody making a replica of the latest Tudor release.

I don't know. Maybe "knock-off watch" is the term I'm looking for that best fits the bill.
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So some people are not ok with external copying and accepting internal copying?
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The STP and the Sellita are completely different. You can't even compare.
Look at how blurry the ETA movements are compared to the updated and higher resolution movements that came after.
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I'd be interested to know how many non-hoarders out there have actually kept one of their knock-off/replica/copy/homage watches for more than 1-2 years.
Well here are two people who posted recently and have had an Invicta Pro-Diver for 20 years..

Here and here
They look near-new for 20 year old watches. Makes me wonder how much they've actually been worn.
I suspect these guys could be hoarders and these watches sit in their hoard-box most of the time.
Of course a Rolex is better than a San Martin. But is it 50 times better?
For a luxury good, you don't penny-pinch on the value proposition.
The whole point is for people to see that you spent 50 times more on product X, because you could.
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The problem with that statement is that most people think a Rolex is a $2000 watch.
Most people who aren't into watches have no idea what they cost.
Well, I guess it depends on who you're trying to impress.
Impressing someone that would be impressed by a Seiko 5 is certainly easier for your wallet.
I'm not trying to impress anyone. My game is to push people away. And i don't think a wristwatch makes any difference in any case.
Body odor can do that.
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