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3. Not exactly a "new model" issue, but related - why is it that if I go to, say, Seiko's website, they don't have their whole catalog or all collections available for view?
This infuriates me to no end. I mean if you're an iconic brand with I don't know how many years of producing quality and recognizable timepieces, is it really so hard to have a damn collection catalog on your website? I mean come on....

Don't even get me started on their lack of an in house serial number repository. I mean you know that you make things that will last a long time and have a chance of being passed down within a family or amassed by collectors. Is it really so hard to give me some basic manufacturing information on my damn watch? I don't want a lot, just a functioning database where I can type in a serial number and be told about the movement and the month/year it was produced.


Hmmm, that may have gotten a personal
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