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Not many will make the explicit distinction between smart/classic watches. Leading fashion magazine editors have already predicted that the apple watch will be big. For me it is the beginning of a snowball, other brands will also release classy ones. But the traditional watches, and then I mainly refer to sub $1000 quartz watches, will mainly find a reduced audience of older consumers. Trendy city slickers will more and more adopt smart watches.

After watching the Apple keynote presentation, my own collection suddenly looks "old" at worst, and "classic" at best. I see myself reducing from 30 to 3 traditional watches (from my sig the Damasko, Tuna and Steinhart pilot), and adopt an appple watch as well.
See, you're buying into the pre-release marketing hype. I don't/won't let "leading fashion magazine editors" (whatever that means) tell me what I should or shouldn't buy or should or shouldn't expect something to be. That reminds me of people I know who base their music buying soley on what Pitchfork/Rolling Stone/Paste had to say about an album...

And since when did this become a debate about smartwatches versus REAL watches? 'Cause like Doc said, smart"watches" ain't "watches", they're gadgets that happen to tell time.

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