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Where can you buy new seals for a watch?

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I would like to replace the battery on a watch and would like to also replace the seals. Is there a place online where you can buy them? I would prefer not to spend $100 replacing the battery on a $75 watch but would also like to not have to worry about it getting ruined due to water.

Thanks, John
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Who is charging you a$100 for a cell change? I would like some of that work ;-) You can purchase cells at most any store that sells them. The trouble will be the gaskets. Here you need to know the size and then order online from a supplier. Then have the proper grease to lubricate it. Of course use finger cots and plastic tweezers. What I am getting at is if you are trying to get into elementary watchmaking go for it. If you are trying to save money I am sure you can find a qualified watchmaker in your area to change a cell for a reasonable cost. Check out American Watchmakers - Clockmakers Institute and Welcome to NAWCC for watchmaker referrals in your area.
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