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Where to find the G light button on 6900 g-shocks? Please Help!

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Hi, I'm wondering where I can find the light buttons (G button) replacement parts. I've spent some time searching but I couldn't find any. My dw6900fs-8 was ruined after I tried to dye it and I'm not sure why the color came out like funky brown-ish burnt (same thing both times when I tried black and navy blue). Then I used some Goo Off or something and melted my G button plus I lost the circlips or whatever they're called. I really need a new bezel, band, and g button. Anyone that can help I would appreciate very much!
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I just ordered a light button from Casio USA, cost me $5. I also got GD-100 band and bezel for $20. This is the first time i have ordered directly from Casio, and it was way cheaper than I thought it was going to be. I already am putting together a list for my next call.
When you actually go about transplanting this new button on, please document your method, Ive been looking to find out how to switch buttons for quite sometime now .
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