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Where to find the G light button on 6900 g-shocks? Please Help!

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Hi, I'm wondering where I can find the light buttons (G button) replacement parts. I've spent some time searching but I couldn't find any. My dw6900fs-8 was ruined after I tried to dye it and I'm not sure why the color came out like funky brown-ish burnt (same thing both times when I tried black and navy blue). Then I used some Goo Off or something and melted my G button plus I lost the circlips or whatever they're called. I really need a new bezel, band, and g button. Anyone that can help I would appreciate very much!
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Did you try to dye a glossy bezel ? If not, what brand and type of dye did you use?
No, the DW6900FS-8 is a flat neutral color with white button. I used RIT Dye. I had a pot maybe with about 4 cups of water or so and I used half the pack of dye, was that too much?
I did only make good experience with RIT powder dye so far - i use half to a whole pack in about 1,5 l of water, let it simmer not boil. I usually dye for about 30 minutes, rinse with warm water, put them into a vinegar bath and then rinse with tap water. Until now no rubbing off/ stained skin/clothing.

This one for example was jelly and light blue like the 2 in the background.

It´s with Sjors now, so you will have to ask him if the dye bleeds or the resin looks like it once was coloured differently. :)

Did you clean the resin parts before dyeing? The button will not dye, it´s not resin but (ABS?) plastic.

PS: I checked my apares box - the 6900 case i have has no light button anymore, sorry. I believe i have a DW 004 body and will check if the light buttons are interchangeable.
Sadly, I've never had that much luck with RIT dye, always came out the same funky gray-brown color. Maybe I've never used enough water for the dye pack. I might try to redye but as far as I know, the watch will still be useless without the G button. If you're able to find one then I would appreciate it very much, I can buy off of you as well. Thank you very much for the help.

P.S. I believe I did rinse it.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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