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Where to find the G light button on 6900 g-shocks? Please Help!

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Hi, I'm wondering where I can find the light buttons (G button) replacement parts. I've spent some time searching but I couldn't find any. My dw6900fs-8 was ruined after I tried to dye it and I'm not sure why the color came out like funky brown-ish burnt (same thing both times when I tried black and navy blue). Then I used some Goo Off or something and melted my G button plus I lost the circlips or whatever they're called. I really need a new bezel, band, and g button. Anyone that can help I would appreciate very much!
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Same funky color issues when I tried to dye a white 6900 a tan color. Believe it or not it was an aquamarine result. Then tried to camo it with dark brown and it is a grey putty color. Very strange results. Cleaned with good off prior to dye. Used liquid rit. Salt in water and vinegar to set colors. I have no explanation to go from white band plus tan dye to an almost turquoise in the first stage.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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