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I'm deciding between the glx-5600-7 (white) and glx-5600-2 (teal). Do they get dirty easily even with the gloss finish?? How do they look with an ordinary outfit?? :think:
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Actually it is not teal but turquoise in color, there was a teal (teal is slightly more green then the turquoise one) version tough and that I own, and that is the In4mation limited edition collaboration model released in May 2008. Its model name is GLX-5600X-3JR. If you compare the two you can see that there is a slight color difference:

GLX-5600X-3JR - G-SHOCK - »þ·× - ¸Ä¿Í¸þ¤±À½ÉÊ - CASIO

GLX-5600A-2JF - G-SHOCK - »þ·× - ¸Ä¿Í¸þ¤±À½ÉÊ - CASIO

The in4mation version is much more expensive and quite hard to find these days tough.

I prefer the turquoise one over the white one, but my fave is the in4mation one.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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