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Sorry for double-posting, but the moderator probably didn't read my post about moving the thread...anyway, here is the original and here is the same post again:

Hello, I need some help guys. So I have a Casio W-731H (it's blured in the pictures because it's a work in progress, when I restore it I will make a new thread with lots of pictures :)) which has a factory strap that I don't like. So I want to put a different strap, but I don't know which straps will fit and which won't. Is there a way to tell? I know that if a strap is too wide it can be cut slightly so it would fit. But there are straps that just won't fit because they were meant for a certain case design and so forth.

Where can I browse some Casio straps? Can you suggest something? And I want only a genuine Casio strap, I wouldn't like any aftermarket straps.

I used website and I browsed through all 479 straps that they offer currently, these are the ones I like (and few others):

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4

So how would I know if a certain strap would fit?

I made some pictures of my watch case so you all can see it and possibly tell me if a strap will fit or not. :)

P.S. This is off topic, but can you possibly help me with this too, any ideas?


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