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Ball vs. Tudor

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Which should I keep? So I might be downsizing my collection. I have both a Ball Engineer iii Marvalight and a Tudor BB41. Both of these are blue dial sport watches with clean bezels, so I am thinking of letting one go and keeping the other as I am wanting a smaller collection that is a little less repetative.

The Ball is made of 904 steel, has 100 meter water resist, tritium tubes, has a date, sapphire and is anti-magnetic

The Tudor is 316L steel, has 150 meter water resist, very nice lume and a sapphire crystal.

Both are amazing and both wear very well. Both are very accurate with the Ball edging out the Tudor with about a 2 spd difference on average.

I am not sure which to keep and which to let go. Both have a neat history and both are quality Swiss made pieces, albeit I am not sure of one is “more Swiss” than the other.

Either way both are my heavy hitters in my humble collection. So what do you all think?

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