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I posted this in the main forum, but figured it might get better responses here.

Long story short :: I need two bracelet links modified (machined) to change the clasp on a watch. Who can do this for a reasonable price? See the end of the post for a sketch.

Long story long :: I've got an Oceanus S100 which I love. But another watch of mine as a tool free quick adjust clasp, and it's really spoiled me, I want one on my Oceanus too. Oceanus makes such a clasp for some of their other models, so it'll match my watch perfectly, but it's not a direct fit, so I need to modify both bracelet links that attach to the clasp. Thankfully I need to remove material, not add any.

Here's a sketch - the red hatched region shows what needs to be removed. I would try doing this myself with some hand tools, but with it being a JDM watch replacement parts if I screw up aren't easily sourced....and I don't have a mill in my garage...sooooo.....

Any suggestions on who to talk to? FWIW I don't need any finishing work, I can re-brush the sides of the one clasp. I just need stuff cut off.

EDIT to add - I'm in the US, so somewhere in the lower 48 is preferred....

Red hatched areas = material to be removed
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