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The basic DW-5600E is not popular? :unsure: Amazon shows nearly 14,500 ratings for it. And that doesn't count the truckloads that are bought at Walmarts, Kohls, or the local PX on any military base.. I got mine on sale for around $30 some years back.
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It's popular because it's cheap, tough, has basic functions that ppl want, and won't break the bank if it needs to be replaced down the line.

And btw, this is the G I wear if going to be doing some rough activity where there's a good chance the watch can get smacked, hit, scraped, or otherwise abused. ;)

I'll also mention, for the newer guys who may not know - the DW range allows the light to stay on for as long as the light button is pressed..
1 - 1 of 36 Posts